Editorial: Benefit of the doubt

POSTED: 08/19/14 11:29 PM

We hope that it was not intentional that the Indian Merchants Association (IMA) didn’t officially invite both Governor Holiday and President of Parliament to their Independence Day celebration tonight with the presence of Ambassador Purushottam, because it is a serious breach of established protocol. As the story on page 3 shows, when high level officials arrive on the island it is natural that the Governor, who is the head of state, and the President of Parliament, who represents Parliament, are present.

A Prime Minister is the head of government; that is not the same thing as the head of state, nor does a Prime Minister represent the highest legislative body in the land. By right, both Governor Holiday and President of Parliament Gracita Arrindell should have been among the invited government officials, especially if it involves an ambassador from another country.

The Governor represents the Dutch crown, and the President of Parliament represents the will of the people. That a member of the IMA is a candidate on the Prime Minister’s party could be nothing more than coincidence. We give them the benefit of the doubt.


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