Polling stations increased to 20

POSTED: 08/18/14 5:16 PM

St. Maarten – There has been an increase in the number of polling stations for the upcoming elections slated for August 29. This was announced by the chairman of the Central Voting Bureau Jason Rogers at a press conference at the Government Administration Building yesterday afternoon.

He stated according to law there cannot be more than 1500 voters in a voting district and as a result the polling stations has been an increase to 20. He indicated that the Central Voting Bureau is working is working closely with all the stake holders including the Public Works Department (Vromi) and the police to ensure that in the polling stations are ready for election day.

He pointed out that the schools that will be used as polling stations will be closed the day before election day at 1:30pm the latest, giving the people who were appointed to run the polling stations. Meanwhile, the work on the polling stations that are not schools will start preparing the polling stations the Wednesday before elections.

While there have been concerns regarding the voting cards, it was stated that they were already sent out with a copy of a ballot paper. It was explained that the reason for the “dummy ballot paper is for persons who are voting for the first time to get a “first hand” look at the document.

The chairman further pointed out that according to law the voting cards must be delivered at least eight days before election day and if by chance a registered voter does not receive their card they can contact the Civil Registry which is located on the Pond Island.

There has also been a change with regard to the political paraphernalia in close proximity to the polling stations. According to the electoral ordinance there should be no influence to the voters in the vicinity of the polling stations. This was interpreted to mean the polling stations and in the direct vicinity of the polling stations.

The new ordinance also indicates that there must be a 48 hour reflection period prior to elections.


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