Opinion by Leopold James: Growing concern

POSTED: 08/18/14 5:15 PM

Reliable information reaching our movement clearly indicates that there is a growing concern within the UP-party of Theo Heyliger about a number of issues.

One of these issues is that some candidates on the UP-list are increasingly feeling very uncomfortable being associated with some of their fellow candidates, especially those close to the bottom of the list.

A number of these concerned candidates seem to have been complaining privately that it is becoming particularly difficult to defend their number 22 candidate (Julian Rollocks – ed.), against whom a number of very serious accusations are being leveled by his brother Cimmaron Marlin on various radio-stations.

The fact that a brother of one of the UP-candidates is coming out so publicly accusing his brother of being a very untrustworthy and greedy person, is making many wonder if this person should ever get in Government.

According to Cimmaron Marlin, this episode with his brother was re-activated a few weeks ago.

His brother, UP number 22 candidate, approached him with the request to ‘smooth out’ his reputation and to have the court-verdict against him retracted, so that he could have a clean slate and can be successful in the upcoming election.

According to Cimmaron, his brother promised him that in return he would make sure he would not have to endure any more pressure operating his project at the Border-point.

The controversy between Cimmaron and his brother Julian Rollocks has been a very bitter one for years and many in the public never understood why such a very wealthy businessman would make the life of his brother so difficult and still want to postulate himself on a political list, where trust is the key to be elected.

Our sources have shared with us that it should not be ruled out that some of these UP-candidates, might put pressure on the leader of the party Theo Heyliger to either see to it that the candidate in question urgently comes to a settlement with his brother Cimmaron, or that he be removed from the list.

All in all, this is not a situation that any party would want the public to focus on so close to the election and Theo Heyliger therefore has to prove now whether he is in charge of the leadership of UP, or Julian Rollocks.

Already there seems to be a slogan in the make that ‘A vote for the UP, is a vote for Rollocks since they feel that that is the way Rollocks will interpret such.

In addition, it seems that internally, also the party is very un-easy as to the outcome of the ‘vote-buy court-case against the leader of the party, in which a verdict is expected just before the election.

The public should follow these developments very closely, because they can have a very surprising impact on the outcome of the election.

Drs. Leopold James,

President St. Martin Grassroots People Movement.


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