Editorial: Done nothing

POSTED: 08/18/14 5:18 PM

Two things made us take notice in the paper today. One is the statement from the Democratic Party wanting to eliminate the turnover tax, and the other are the remarks made by former President of Parliament and National Alliance candidate Rodolphe Samuel. Politics season is in full swing.

First, the DP. For years there was talk about eliminating the turnover tax but it seems no one had the political guts to do anything about it. The DP has been in government for a long time. They were the only party to remain in power these past four years. So why didn’t they do anything about the tax then?

Samuel makes a good point about publicly showing the financials of government owned companies, but his party has been in Parliament for four years too, one of which they were in power. Why wasn’t a proposal made in Parliament to make these companies publish their books by law?

Do any of them really understand what a Parliament is? They certainly understand how much a Parliamentarian earns, but the actual job function remains misunderstood at best.

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