Shouting match with Marvelyne Wiels marks the beginning of Magnus-trial

POSTED: 08/5/14 11:16 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Press, family and a small group of curious people gathered yesterday morning at the courthouse in Punda, Jean Mentens reports on Caribisch Netwerk. Fifteen months after the assassination of politician Helmin Wiels the trial in the Magnus-case has begun against the suspects of the killing under heavy security. The investigation into those who ordered the murder (case Maximus) is still ongoing and that trial will come later.

Since the fatal attack on the Pueblo Soberano-leader there has been quite some commotion within the party. There are also disputes within the victim’s family. Wiels’s sister Marvelyne and brothers Werner and Aubert disagree with each other about Helmin’s political legacy.

Even though Marvelyne Wiels waited as long as possible before she subjected herself to a security control and most people were already in court, she could not avoid a confrontation with Rutmila Martina, a girlfriend of Aubert. Rutmila is part of Tim Magnus, a faction that split from Pueblo Soberano and that came into being after Wiels’s funeral.

While Wiels mounted the steps, Martina screamed that she should be arrested. During a break, Wiels took the rear exit to avoid a second confrontation. When the trial resumed in the afternoon she arrived with her bodyguard.

For security reasons public was not allowed to enter the courtroom. Only the press and direct family members were allowed inside; others could follow what happened in court via the radio.

The attorney of one of the suspects objected to the radio broadcast and the public prosecutor supported the objection. The attorney said that the defendants were at risk in the small Curacaoleanean community and that the broadcast would complicate finding the truth.

The judge decided however, in the interest of the public nature of the administration of justice, that the trial had to be broadcast. The small crowd outside reacted relieved. The fireworks started in the afternoon when the main suspect, Elvis Kuwas, withdrew all his confessions.



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Shouting match with Marvelyne Wiels marks the beginning of Magnus-trial by

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