Opinion: Blue murder (arrest of former minister and lottery boss)

POSTED: 07/31/14 10:41 PM

Gerrit Schotte’s Movementu Futuro Kòrsou and attorney Eldon Sulvaran are screaming blue murder about the arrest of former Minister George Jamaloodin and lottery boss Robbie dos Santos. They use terms like black magic, claim that the prosecutor’s office does not have a shred of evidence against the suspects and that – of course – this is a form of political persecution. The MFK hit absolute rock bottom with its statement that it wants a medium in court on Monday to get in touch with the late Helmin Wiels. Have these people gone mad?

The Pavlov-reactions from both Schotte and Sulvaran after any action against any of their associates and clients are becoming a big joke. They do not seem to understand the principle that you have to sit very quietly when you are being shaved.

The prosecutor’s office has no vested interest in detaining suspects while there is no evidence against them. This simply does not work in our system. It is of course possible to harass someone and stick him in a cell for two days, but then the Judge of Instruction will have to assess whether the arrest was lawful and whether there are sufficient reasons (like the interest of an investigation) to keep a suspect behind bars.

Schotte is a politician, so one would expect him to make the appropriate noises. After all, the net seems to be closing and there are more and more pointers suggesting that indeed, the order for the Wiels-assassination came from at least the direction of the MFK-camp. Does this now mean that Schotte is the main suspect? We would not go that far, and the prosecutor’s office has not gone there either – not yet. Time will tell how deep the MFK-top is involved in this dark and messy affair.

Sulvaran is another matter altogether. He is an attorney, but he shows little respect for the system of which he is an integral part. He also knows how the game is played. If one of his clients is dragged into court without any evidence of wrongdoing against him, this brilliant attorney will win an acquittal. Point for Sulvaran, black eye for the prosecutor’s office.

To start screaming blue murder like Sulvaran does, even before there is an indictment, is nothing short of ridiculous. His attitude will have an influence on the atmosphere in Curacao and it will make some people believe that indeed, the justice system is rotten to the core. This melee will reach a point where the truth no longer matters – and all this will be the doing of attorney Sulvaran.

The truth is more likely to be something like this. The prosecutor’s office has a reasonable suspicion of guilt against Jamaloodin and Dos Santos. That reasonable suspicion is based on the investigation into the Wiels-assassination. It is reasonable to assume that this investigation has produced evidence that is incriminating for the suspects – otherwise they would not have been arrested.

Is what the prosecution has sufficient for a conviction? The answer to that question is not up to the media or to notorious loudmouths like Sulvaran. The matter of guilt or innocence belongs in a court of law and the independent judge has the final word. If that word does not satisfy Sulvaran and his clients, they have the option to appeal and after that, they could go to the Supreme Court in The Hague. Then, justice will be done, no matter how loud Sulvaran screams blue murder.

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