Suspected of involvement in Wiels-assassination: Robbie dos Santos arrested

POSTED: 07/30/14 7:09 PM

WILLEMSTAD – Officers of the Detective Collaboration Team RST arrested Robbie dos Santos yesterday morning at 6.40 a.m. at his home in the Jan Sofat district. He is a suspect in the Maximus-investigation into the principals behind the murder of Pueblo Soberano-leader Helmin Wiels on May 5 of last year.

Dos Santos, 56, is the owner of Robby’s Lottery, the largest lottery-operation in Curacao and St. Maarten. After the Wiels-murder speculations circulated for days that Dos Santos could be the one who ordered the killing, Jean Mentens reports on Caribisch Netwerk. However, Dos Santos denied any involvement last year. At the time of the assassination, he was at odds with Wiels who suspected the lottery boss of illegal practices with sms-lotteries. Wiels had promised to publish a dossier with evidence that telecom provider UTS was also involved in the scheme.

Dos Santos’s attorney Chester Peterson wrote on Monday in a letter to the media that the authorities are looking on purpose for those who ordered Wiels’s assassination in the corner of Dos Santos – without a lot of tangible evidence. The former minister of finance, George Jamaloodin, who was arrested on July 24 as a suspect in the same investigation, is a half-brother of Dos Santos. Earlier, detectives interrogated former Minister Carlos Monk who later claimed he was heard as a suspect as well.

In his letter, Peterson wrote that Elvis Kuwas – nicknamed Monster and currently detained on suspicion that he executed the murder  - suggested that Dos Santos had paid for the murder. Monster claims to have heard this from another suspect, Pretu – real name Luigi Florentina –who committed suicide in a police cell in Barber, the place where Jamaloodin is detained. The former minister is on hunger strike to protest the circumstances of his detention.

Peterson says that the hearsay about Dos Santos is not enough to draw any conclusions..

NRC Handelsblad reported yesterday, based on “judicial sources” that Dos Santos was the man who brought former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte in contact with the Italian mafia.

The paper also points out that the murder-investigation focuses on the rift between Wiels and Schotte. Until September 2012, they were part of the same governing coalition, with Schotte as prime minister. After the Schotte government fell and Wiels won the elections in 2012, it looked at first as if Schotte’s MFK would become part of a new government together with Wiels’s party Pueblo Soberano. The formation talks went sour when Schotte insisted on becoming prime minister again and Wiels formed a coalition with other parties.


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