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POSTED: 07/29/14 7:15 PM

Dear Editor,
Be warned. I am not trying to be funny here. This is one of those rare moments when I am dead serious. Elections on St. Maarten have become nothing less than a big Carnival with many clowns in costume pretending to be something other than what they really are.

Some wearing two-faced masks while many others are so dubious and of questionable character deceitfully double dealing; telling every audience they encounter what they want to hear while throwing out some free peanuts, a little free candy, some free dog bones and promises of some grandeurs’ projects, depending on audience they’re addressing, which of course they intend to pay for by mortgaging the future generations.

Why do some St. Maarteners sell their votes? There’s really no need to over-intellectualize the answer to this question. The answer is quite simple: The politicians make sure to keep the people poor and dependent, some are now promising us that “we can sleep easy at nights knowing the government will take care of us” (words directly out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto) – so they believe many St. Maarteners don’t see themselves as having much of a stake in their votes.

Their belief is we have no use for a wise vote. But we do find value in a sold vote. Think about it. Why worry about voting wisely when your immediate concern is where is the money to pay for your house rent, your next meal, or your next cell phone is coming from? After all, politicians are on record for saying, “If people come to me and ask me for help to pay their electric bill, or for some food; what am I supposed to do?” Some judges have even publicly said this is normal in our culture of corruption. (No better than Nigeria, one of the most corrupt countries in the world).

Funny thing is, only around election time will you find these politicians to so-called help with a little something. The rest of the four years they are way too busy helping themselves, family members and political friends to our money and our supposed patrimony by paying themselves excessive high salaries while jet setting around the world, always on a plane first-class travel and other lavish perks, not to mention what they and their friends do with inflated prices for public works projects, the peoples land and other projects, etc. And, they have the gall, folks, to came and tell us that they now stand for integrity and we must trust them. Wow, these politicians really ain’t got any shame?

Over 95 per cent of candidates on all the political party’s list are civil servants. In most advanced democracies all civil servants which includes everyone who is being paid by the government which includes teachers and workers of government owned companies must sign and adhere to, for several obvious reasons a civil servant code of conduct, because, there is something utterly unethical and unseemly about civil savants joining a political party that very well could and will constitute a conflict of interest to the entire public in general. Among other reasons; a civil-servant as a bureaucrat – first interest is the serve the interest of the government for which they work, and consequently, themselves.

So, of course, a civil servant’s natural course would be to want to secure more power for themselves, and the government which they serve. Electing civil servants would be electing “a government by the government for the government.” We would be in effect electing a dictatorship! Civil servants should not be allowed to run on any political party list, unless they have resigned or retired for three years or more from public service.

The unscrupulous politicians continue making a mockery of democracy with new deceptive ways of vote buying; they are blatantly insulting to our intelligence so much now that they really believe we’re all a bunch of mindless dummy surfs. Then again, they may be right about some of us. This mockery of democracy is not only an insult to us, but, also to true democracy and a major threat to our overall liberty and freedom. Remember, voting blindly with the crowd got Germany Hitler, and the Venezuelans Chavez.

Peter Gunn


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  1. Guest says:

    Peter Gunn,

    You always make so much sense on so many levels.

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