Editorial: Words into action

POSTED: 07/29/14 1:02 AM

The recent Parlatino forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) is a topic with actual relevance and meaning to the social reality on St. Maarten. In light of the recent spree of armed robberies in Cole Bay and Front Street, not to mention the shootings on both sides of the island over beefs and grudges, the forum couldn’t be something more important for the island.

The big question that needs to be answered is just how are these weapons getting on the island? And the other related question is how can we put a stop to it?

The problem when people have a gun is like someone walking around with a hammer all the time. After a certain point everything begins to look like a nail.

We sincerely hope that the forum was not just another excuse to travel, but that concrete results will come out of it with practical and realistic initiatives that will curb the traffic and sale of small arms on St. Maarten. We want to see words put into action.

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