Navarro: “If I drop dead, Schotte is responsible” Argument erupts after Jamaloodin-arrest

POSTED: 07/27/14 11:29 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – MFK-parliamentarian Gerrit Schotte is unhappy with the firm statements Justice Minister Nelson Navarro made in a local radio broadcast. The minister said that, if he drops dead on the sidewalk, Schotte would be responsible for it, Anneke Polak reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

“Navarro has declared war on me. Last night (Wednesday – ed.) he already said on TV that he knew what was going to happen. Politics apparently also plays a part with justice,” Schotte said. Navarro does not want to react and only indicates that he has had enough of Schotte’s attacks.

The MFK-MP finds that Navarro’s statements do not become a minister whose original profession is an attorney. “I do not understand his defensive language. It resembles panicky behavior. It indicates that he is incapable, if this is the way he has to defend himself.” Schotte added that everybody in Curacao currently feels unsafe and that it is not up to Schotte to take care of security, but the minister.

The arrest of former MFK-minister of Finance George Jamaloodin triggered the argument between Navarro and Schotte.

Schotte visited Jamaloodin’s mother after the arrest, saying that she is doing reasonably well under the circumstances. About his former minister, Schotte says: “Innocent until there is proof of the opposite. I hope that they have their facts straight. We are in the meantime fourteen months past the Wiels-murder.”

The Judge of Instruction in Willemstad ruled yesterday that Jamaloodin’s arrest was lawful and ordered his prolonged custody for another eight days.

​The former minister remains in restrictive custody​ and is not allowed access to the outside world, to other inmates, and to newspapers or TV. He is only allowed contact with his attorney and with the Rehabilitation Bureau.

​When the eight-day term ends, the Judge of Instruction will take a decision about Jamaloodin’s  possible release.

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Navarro: “If I drop dead, Schotte is responsible” Argument erupts after Jamaloodin-arrest by

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