Opinion by Iris D. Arrindell, UP Party candidate #19: Family structure

POSTED: 07/24/14 11:25 PM

SXM is at its crossroads. We are a young nation solidifying our rightful spot in this world. When we look around in our society today, it seems as if everything is just falling apart. However we also realize it is not only on SXM, but it is a worldwide phenomenon. As citizens we look to our government to come with all the solutions to our problems. This is truly a myth.  It is a combination of government and the family structure that will enable us to live a better life.

The family structure needs unconditional love (to love and be loved). The security that this love brings, will develop the ability to forgive and be forgiven. When this atmosphere exists in the family it means that family members have the freedom to empower each other (to serve and be served). This empowerment leads to the possibility of intimacy which is experienced thru communication. The positive effect that this will have on our society is immeasurable. Government on the other hand needs cohesion, flexibility and communication.  The coalition system that governs us today requires that our elected officials in government execute the following core values: trust, transparency, tracking of relationships and be tight with each other. During campaign candidates/parties take each other to task. After election it is time to govern. The same candidates that try discrediting each other now need to work together for SXM. In the meantime the citizens are very confused, some even angry, yet two or three parties have to work together for SXM. All the above culminates that the cohesion, flexibility and communication have been tarnished or no longer exist.

My advice to you the voters is to avoid all negativity. Look towards candidates that will speak about the issues and how they should be solved. Look towards candidates that build and not break relationships. Look towards candidates that are involved in helping SXM, whether on boards, foundations, in community service or any organization that champions the cause of SXM. Only in this way can our country SXM really be served and our people get the value for their vote.


Ready to serve, Willing to listen, Able to accomplish


Iris D. Arrindell

Candidate No. 19 UP Party (Green Party)

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Opinion by Iris D. Arrindell, UP Party candidate #19: Family structure by

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