Opinion by Bienvenido Richardson: Do the right thing

POSTED: 07/24/14 11:27 PM

Dear Editor,

Yes, election time is here again, but the question is:  are we willing and able to bring about change? Bringing about change would mean that each and every citizen will have to go out and vote for whichever political party and or candidate. Now here is where it all goes wrong!

Seeing the last incidents we had since the 2010 election, many voters are disappointed to say the least: disappointed in the constant changes that we had in coalition governments, and disappointed that most Members in Parliament from the various coalitions in the opposition bench did not execute their job to the best of their ability.

Now, knowing these facts one would say but wait a minute, why should I go out and vote?

The answer to such a question lies in one’s ability to determine the why and the need to vote.

Here are a few guidelines to encourage you the voters to go out and vote!

No more coalition government needed

  1. New hospital needed
  2. Price control
  3. More job creation
  4. Simplified tax system needed
  5. Better immigration policy needed
  6. A leader with a vision and one that can execute such vision for our country’s economic progress
  7. A leader that can deliver on his or her promises
  8. One political party that will keep in touch with the people during election and after being elected.
  9. A party with a social business approach that will stimulate economic activity.

I can go on and on, but as you can see these are the main goals that we should look at to enable us to choose our next stable government, one which we can hold accountable for the coming four years.

After looking at these guidelines to choose your next government you will be then forced to give the mandate to only one party, because we can ill afford to have coalition governments.

I guess by now you know which party you are going to vote for?

But more important I hope that I could have encouraged those of you that were having doubts whether or not to vote!

God bless Sint Maarten and God bless you for now realizing why you should go out and vote.

Bienvenido Richardson


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