Opinion: Vagina art of Rokude Nashiko

POSTED: 07/17/14 4:44 PM

She wanted to tear down the taboo that surrounds female genitals, but Japan was not entirely ready for it, Rokude Nashiko said only one week ago in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw. She was right: in the meantime the police have arrested her.

Rokude Nashiko distributed a model of her own vagina, to be used with 3D-printers. That is nothing unusual for those who are familiar with the work of this Japanese artist. Boats, smartphone covers, happy drawings: almost all of her art is modeled after her own vagina.

Rokude Nashiko is an artist-name – it means good-for-nothing.

The vagina-project for the 3D-printers finally became too much for the Japanese authorities. They had Nashiko arrested for violating the Japanese moral laws.

This way the Japanese authorities prove exactly the point Nashiko has been attempting to make for years. Japan has a double moral where female genitals is concerned. The vagina is taboo, while the male genitals are widely celebrated and applauded during the annual penis festival.

All the sniggering that goes on around the vagina in Japan leads to a lot of insecurity. Almost nowhere in the world are more vagina corrections executed than in Japan: one-an-a-half times as many as in the United States.

Nashiko also underwent a vagina correction, she recently told Wouter van clef, a correspondent for Trouw. The operation made her think and finally set her on the trail of vagina art. She makes especially utensils, designed to strip the topic of its mysteriousness.

Nashiko may have been arrested now, but Japan is not rid of her yet. “To have more impact I want to make ever larger objects. A vagina plane, that would be fantastic,” the artist told Van Cleef.

We suggest she makes a phone call to the CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson. Feels like a perfect match. She could also move to St. Maarten. The Vagina Monologues attracted a full house every time here, and nobody ever got arrested.

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