Police arrest nine scooter riders

POSTED: 07/15/14 2:53 PM

St. Maarten – Police arrested nine scooter riders near the airport yesterday afternoon. The group traveled from the French side through the Lowlands in the direction of Cole Bay. When officers ordered the riders to stop, they sped up and fled in the direction of the airport. A backup unit of the police blocked the road near the airport, forcing the scooter riders to turn back.

The scooter riders made several attempts to escape from the police through the airport’s parking lot, but they failed. A girl driving one of the scooters broke through the road block and headed back to the French side but she lost control and fell. The girl suffered minor scratches and bruises.

Another rider threw a bag into the Simpson Bay Lagoon that was recovered by the police. It contained several bags of marijuana and an undisclosed amount of cash.

All nine scooter riders were arrested because they could not identify themselves. They had no valid driver’s licenses or valid insurance and they had not paid the road tax. The police confiscated all scooters.

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