Editorial: Ulterior motives (of politicians)

POSTED: 07/15/14 3:02 PM

It is amazing how suddenly politicians from all walks of life bend over backwards to commend the police for a job well done, and how they suddenly come out of the woodwork with their concerns about crime after almost four years of silence.

There are of course ulterior motives behind those messages of sympathy directed at the men and women in blue. It’s election time, right?

At the police force people will in the meantime wonder what these concerned politicians have done for them in the past four years. The force is still understaffed and there does not seem to be a strong push to make serious changes.

Instead of complimenting the understaffed and probably overworked officers with cheap words, politicians ought to spend their time on solutions to alleviate the pressure.

When the parliament approved the 2014 budget, it also approved a deep cut in overtime pay for the police – but that is something politicians in re-election mode rather forget.

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