Alexander calls for private sector marketing

POSTED: 07/14/14 11:41 PM

St. Maarten – The  solution for economic growth for the island should be done through marketing the island by the private sector, said Lisa Alexander who is the number 5 candidate of the United St. Maarten party. “The private sector will market the island from a profit-making standpoint which will broaden and deepen domestic capital markets that will boost liquidity and economic growth,” Alexander said.

“With tourism being the major source of foreign exchange and the employment of many citizens there is need for better marketing practices so that more high-end investors will be attracted to our shores. Presently, based on the poor marketing the country is only attracting small investors with limited investment and middle class visitors who can only afford a cruise or an airline ticket with limited resources,” she added.

The effects of this poor marketing are less stay over tourist, Alexander said. “This will affect all entities that rely on the tourist business, such as the casinos, hotels guest houses restaurants and transportation. This will also result in downsizing and closure of businesses, decrease in government revenues that will affect the social development such as health care, education, housing, social aids, infrastructure and safety.”

Alexander feels that without a change in our economic system, “St. Maarten will continue to have different governments delivering the same results.”

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