Tourist injured in attempt to foil robbery

POSTED: 07/13/14 9:24 PM

St. Maarten – One tourist can count himself lucky that he did not sustain more bodily harm after he was assaulted by a group of men that carried out a brazen smash and grab attack at Dazzling Gems, on Front Street yesterday.

However, rapid response by the police resulted in two of the men involved in the robbery being  detained. It could not be substantiated how many men were involved in the daring attack, but the matter is receiving the full attention of a team of investigators.

One of the men involved in the robbery was apprehended when he tried to get away from the police while riding a motorbike in the vicinity of the Post Office on N Debrot Street. It was later learnt that after the accused was spotted near the Watakan Building, he tried to evade the authorities who were in hot pursuit.

His luck ran out when his bike went out of control due to excessive speed, he was later cornered in the alley between Nagico’s Head Office and Quiznos. The details on the arrest of the second robbery accused were not readily available.

According to a reliable source, the injured tourist who was accompanied by his wife and son were in a nearby store at the time of the initial attack.  “He saw what was happening and tried to apprehend one of the men, there was a scuffle, but they outnumbered him,” the source stated.

It was during that extremely bold move by the tourist that he sustained injuries to his head and he had to be rushed away to the St Maarten Medical Center for an evaluation of the extent of his injuries.

This latest robbery comes just days after another robbery at CIBC Bank in Cole Bay.


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  1. Gerard Wordhouse says:

    After visiting the island for close to 20 years we felt we were safer in Detroit and Mexico. We now find our Medical care and safety during our six months in Mexico to be much better than in SXM. Also, the government is far less corrupt in Mexico.

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