St. Maarten Population count lower than expected

POSTED: 07/11/14 11:27 PM

St. Maarten – The Bureau for Statistics released last night the results of its household survey that shows that the country’s population is currently 37,224 – much lower than is generally perceived. The St. Maarten Medical Center for instance, reckons for its expansion plans with a population of 54,000.

The household-survey took 11 weeks of dedicated work. While the results of the 2011 census so far have not been published, the statistics bureau concludes based on its household survey that the country has 37,224 inhabitants, spread over 14,000 households.

The bureau counted 18,201 men, and 19,023 women. The population under 40 years of age represents more than 56 percent of the total. The youngest group (0-14) represents 21 percent, 15 to 24 years 12.6 percent and 25 to 39 years 22.9 percent.

The group of 40 to 49 years represents 10 percent, 50 to 59 years 14.5 percent and those older than 60 11.1 percent. There are only 27 citizens in St. Maarten older than 95 years.

The survey shows that the population increased since the census with only 3,600 persons.

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