Emilio Wilson Estate owners take government back to court

POSTED: 07/8/14 3:11 AM

St. Maarten – The owners of the Emilio Wilson Estate will go back to court if the government does not make the agreed down payment by July 31, Mark Meijjer, the attorney for the owners, stated in a press release.

The owners, Henri Brookson and the Paas family, agreed on June 16 to give back $1.5 million out of the purchase price to the community on the condition that the government make the down payment on the deal by July 31.

However, a meeting about a necessary budget amendment to facilitate the loan for the purchase on June 30 did not go through due to a lack of quorum. Two days later, there was a meeting, where Minister Lake said that confirmation of the deal was being handled by the Council of Ministers.

Meiijer writes in his press release that the owners already had an email confirmation from Minister Lake and that the minister had indicated he had a mandate from the Council of Ministers to handle the matter.

Since last week Tuesday, the owners have attempted in vain to get a confirmation from Minister Lake that the down payment will be made by July 31. “The lack of information leaves owners no other option than to approach the court again,” the press release states.

For the full text of the press release, see our opinion page.

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