Editorial: Responsibility

POSTED: 07/6/14 7:15 PM


Former PSS-managing director Denicio Richardson threatens to become the victim of a power game played by the government and its postal services.

The story of Richardson’s unlawful suspension and subsequent departure in 2013 is sufficiently known. The court ruling that awarded him in June unpaid salaries and other claims to the tune of around $240,000 seemed to have settled matters.

But the government opted to appeal the ruling, and Richardson reacted by putting a lien on all bank accounts of the government and PSS.

Yesterday parties were back in court because the government is seeking an order to lift the liens. Attempts to reach a settlement failed yesterday. That gave Richardson even more reason to believe that the government is out to destroy him.

Why not take responsibility based on the court ruling and move on? After all, what is $240,000 for a government that paid $9 million in interest for its empty administration building on Pond Island?


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