Opinion: The Vance James jr. Causeway

POSTED: 07/2/14 11:07 PM

Recently I got back into the habit of taking an early morning walk with my dog Hero over the causeway. I didn’t do so for several weeks due to a terrible accident my dear companion had, which almost cost him his life. Fortunately for me and the rest of my family he survived due to the good care of our vet dr. Glenn Romney. And now he is again proudly walking next to me enjoying the fresh morning air as we stroll together over the beautiful bridge.

Walking over the causeway, many things go through my mind. This particular morning I wondered how come we don’t have a name for this structure as yet. What are the reasons that our leaders haven’t made a choice for a name? Who knows the answer?

I would like to make the following suggestion for a name. Why not call it the Vance James jr. Causeway. It is needless to mention Vance’s great contribution to the St. Maarten society. Vance is one of the main persons, who brought about change in the political landscape of our island. He dedicated all his energy and time to society, often times neglecting his family business. He endured a lot of criticism, he was ridiculed, his character was assassinated. He took a lot of blasting from the political establishment, especially at the beginning of his political career. But this never stopped him from speaking his mind. Vance was not a man of fear. He stood for his principles. It was not his style to break down another politician to achieve his goals. In politics he always kept the high road. He dealt with political issues in a business manner and in the best interest of the people and not for himself. It is now time to pay tribute to this great human being and his family. It is up to those in charge to give Vance full recognition, although he’s not among us anymore to enjoy it. He must not be forgotten. The ball is in the court of those in charge. Great leaders make great decisions. As consolation to those who would like to have seen their name given to the bridge; don’t worry your chance will come. There are so many new structures that will require a name in the near future, like for example the new government building, the new medical center, the ring road, the new cricket stadium, the soon to be built center for performing arts to name a few.

And if I may make another suggestion. Please name the roundabout on the Colebay side after Mrs. Yvette Hodge Fleming. This grand dame should also get full recognition whilst she is still alive. Although living on the French side, she and her family have contributed tremendously to the St. Maarten economy.

Henri Brookson.

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