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POSTED: 07/2/14 11:04 PM

The OSPP does not believe in trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. We call a spade a spade. Where was the UP over the last four years and when did they realize that St. Maarten needs a new hospital? The UP party has been in government over the last four years and never have they raised the importance of building a new hospital. Yet, two months before an election it becomes one of their center pieces for the campaign. Shame on you UP.

It is so unfortunate that in this day and age the UP is still trying to fool the people after being in office over the last four years and prior to that part of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten. The UP once again under the leadership of Theo Heyliger is putting the cart before the horse. An artist impression of a hospital on both the front pages of our two dailies but neither one of them questioned where will this hospital be built and how will it be financed?

Had the OSPP submitted this artist impression – not that we would have done something so irresponsible – it would never have reached front page and if so not without being ridiculed by the media. The UP is once again giving the people the impression that the Supervisory Board of the Hospital and Management have approved this design without them having any type of input in it.

This I consider stretching the truth a little bit too far. Long gone are the days when the Supervisory Board and the Management of our Medical Center are just puppets. We expect them to let the public know what their input was in this artist impression if any at all. The OSPP would also like to know if other architects were given the opportunity to present an artist impression of a hospital. And if yes, which architects?

Is this the same architectural firm that did the artist impressions for the Cause Way Bridge, the Performing of the Art Center and now the hospital? Over the last year we have seen artist impressions of various buildings that the UP is proposing as being good for the people.

Have you ever heard Theo Heyliger or the UP talked about reducing the cost of living, that’s good for the people? And what about establishing a better health and pension plan, that’s good for the people? Or better living conditions for our senior citizens that are good for the people? Creating sustainable jobs and business opportunities for our young people that are good for them.

It is always about concrete, concrete and more concrete but never about the development of the communities, the people. Let the record show that the OSPP is in favor of a modern hospital including the upgrading of the staff and state of the art equipment. But let us go about it the right way. This is once again an UP political hoax that is attempting to fool the people like during the 2010 election.

The OSPP is about establishing a strong social program that will be beneficial to all the people and that will bring our young nation in balance.


Lenny Priest,

Political Leader OSPP  


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