Ninth edition Laugh Till Belly Burst: Chow Pow sets tone and Trixx does the trick

POSTED: 07/1/14 1:51 AM

St. Maarten – Laughter is often referred to as to as the best medicine, but it does not necessarily have to be prescribed by a doctor, over the years comedians have mastered the art and that was evident during the ninth edition of Laugh Till Belly Burst over the weekend.

On the first night of the comedy fest which took place last Thursday, Eddie Griffin, an American comedian turned actor set the bar under the tent at the Princess Port de Plaisance. From the second he appeared on stage, there was never a dull moment during his one night stand along with Fernando Clark.

As was expected, most of those that attended the first show wanted to hear what the other standup comedian line up which included Miranda from St Lucia, Tommy, the Saint and Michael from Trinidad & Tobago, Elva from Jamaica, Felicity from London, Chow Pow from Guyana and Trixx from Canada had to offer.

Tommy and his co host Elva had the distinct pleasure of officiating as the MC’s for the second evening and once again, the tent was almost filled to capacity. But before introducing Felicity, the first act of the night, they both took the opportunity to inject bits and pieces of humor. It was if they were laying the table for the dinner that was to follow.

Felicity who is originally from Antigua with Jamaican roots and resides in London was the first to demonstrate how easy it was to transition between dialects. Despite her English upbringing after living there for a number of years, the accents of her native culture was quickly oozing out of her lips during her character roll as an old woman with many issues.

But when Chow Pow hit the stage, the festival reached to another level, as the first Guyanese to appear on the LTBB Comedy Fest, it was vitally important that he made a good first impression and for the 35 minutes he spent on stage, he delivered the goods which could have only be described as thought provoking.

After making a grand entrance on the back on Chow Pow, Miranda, the next standup comedian on stage caused the audience to laugh because of how she looked more than from what she was saying and she did her best to grab attention while interacting with those sitting in the VIP section and beyond.

The tone of the festival changed dramatically when Tommy, a victim of an accident and Michael, the officer on duty at the Police Station began their stage act which by all means was extremely hilarious and even the dull moments brought out bouts of laughter.

In the mean time, some members of the audience were seen wiping their eyes, a few were putting their heads between their feet but more importantly, mouths were agape, the messages were getting across regardless of the variety of dialects.

But the comedian that caused crescendos of laughter to revibrate beneath the tent was Trixx who was making his second appearance on the LTBB Festival. As a Canadian entertainer that has travelled around the Caribbean extensively, it was not difficult to adapt and relate his experiences in a jovial manner.

His ability to connect with the audience was on par, his gift to make people laugh was natural and his knowledge of current affairs helped him to tough on several sore topics that affects people all over the globe from religion, relationships, race and life.

One popular quote stated, ‘There is a woman at the beginning of all great things’ and Felicity had the honor to bring down the curtains on the festival and this time she was better, badder and hotter than her first act.

The crowd loved her and she knew how to get their attention especially those that were experiencing domestic issues. Barring her ability to cause bouts of laughter, there were strong messages for both genders and if she had enough time, a few may have been tempted to take notes.




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Ninth edition Laugh Till Belly Burst: Chow Pow sets tone and Trixx does the trick by

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