Theo Heyliger: UP party committed and ready for new hospital

POSTED: 06/23/14 6:21 PM

St. Maarten – The United People’s (UP) party is committed to the construction of a new state of the art hospital for the country, said UP leader and Member of Parliament (MP) Theo Heyliger in a statement over the weekend.

“This will be one of the signature projects of the green party once successful at gaining majority support to govern the country in the August 29 parliamentary elections.  Preliminary plans of the interior and exterior of the new hospital have also been developed by UP,” MP Heyliger pointed out.

Heyliger made the artist’s impression of the new hospital building public yesterday. The design has already been shared with the supervisory board and management of SMMC.

“UP does not promise projects. We commit to them and we deliver them. Our track record proves that. The new hospital has high priority for UP. It is not a political priority; it is a people first priority,” the UP leader said.

The push for a new hospital by UP is not new. Heyliger had earlier called on Finance Minister Martin Hassink, who is part of the coalition government UP supports, to add the hospital as a capital project to the 2014 budget.

“This was not possible thanks to the financial mess left behind by the National Alliance attempt at governance in 2012-2013. We could have been further with our new hospital than we are today. It’s time to look up and onwards with this project, and the UP is ready to deliver to the people of this country a state of the art hospital,” Heyliger said.

“Ways to fund the new hospital project are already being explored and pinpointed by UP. The new hospital is much more than a new building. It means a commitment to the health and well-being of our people. We should have access to world class health care at home. The health and access to exceptional health care is the mark of a progress of a country,” Heyliger continued.

“The notion of a hospital as a place only for the sick and dying has changed over the years. It has become a place where people go to heal and recover, a place where families can visit and care for their loved ones when they are receiving treatment. The new hospital design is in keeping up with the times and changes in international health care systems,”  MP Heyliger concluded in his statement.


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Theo Heyliger: UP party committed and ready for new hospital by

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  1. bill nietzman says:

    Mr. heijliger never addressed one contentious issue, -much publicized in the local press. Voted once for “UP”, – never again for whatever…….

  2. Michael Martin says:

    Is everyone really that blind in Sint Marteen, where is he going to build it….of course on FAMILY OR FRIENDS property’s and who shall have shares for the rest of his life and get kickbacks from all areas…what a joke to hear its FOR THE PEOPLE……CMON SXM STOP THE CORRUPTION at least once,,,,,FRIENDLY ISLAND will be changed to the ISLAND OF THE BLIND SHEEP.

  3. Jim H says:

    Does anyone remember the 80’s when the island was so laid back. What Happened ? The powers to be seem to be trying to stuff 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag. No more Building Please !!!

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