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POSTED: 06/23/14 6:18 PM

Dear Editor,

Electoral reform has made the news once again; however, not surprisingly, we shouldn’t expect any electoral reform to occur before the upcoming election.

Instead of going into the specifics of the new regulations to establish a new political party, the funding and financial accounts, the selfies and black curtains, CPC wants to address the issue of getting into Parliament on the ‘coattails’ of other party leaders.

Quite a few of our current parliamentarians got their seats riding on the high number of votes their party leaders received. There are persons in Parliament right now who received fewer votes than others but did not get into Parliament because they were not ‘lucky enough’ to have party leaders who secured more than enough votes for one seat. CPC thinks this democratic deficit needs to be addressed once and for all.

Instead of giving every voter 1 vote to cast: CPC proposes to give each voter 15 votes to select all 15 Members of Parliament. Let every voter decide on who exactly they would like to elect to Parliament. Those voters who wish to see one particular party represented, can opt to only cast their votes for members of that particular party. Those who only want to vote for one person can do so, but only once per person as you will not be allowed to vote for the same person 15 times. One ballot will be used but instead of filling-in 1 circle, voters get the option of filling-in 15 circles across party-lines.

This way, all 15 Parliamentarians will actually have been elected by preferential vote which will eliminate “coat-tailing” and thus put the right to decide exactly who holds a parliamentary seat firmly in the hands of the electorate. Should an MP move to a ministerial position, the next highest vote-getter would get the vacant seat regardless of party affiliations. This would eliminate the prevalent perception that some parliamentarians are mere benchwarmers for Ministers or their party’s political leaders.

It would maybe take a bit longer to tally the votes but CPC considers that a small price to pay for reducing the democratic deficit.

See our website: www.positivechangesxm.com for more details.


Citizens for Positive Change (CPC)


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