UP Next (youth wing of the United People’s Party) launched at Hard Rock Café

POSTED: 06/22/14 10:58 PM

St. Maarten – The youth arm of the United People’s Party “UP Next” was launched at the Hard Rock Café yesterday evening. The group is expected to increase in its size as the political party prepares for the upcoming Parliamentary elections that are scheduled to be held in late August.

President of the United People’s Party (UP) Sylveria Meyers, in congratulating the group, admonished them to take “one hour each day” to study politics. The group will be guided by the members of the political party and UP’s public relations committee since they thought it important to have a young vibrant wing who will continue the party in the future.

She noted that the party leader Theo Heyliger has many dreams and advised them to dream and called on them to pay keen attention since this is a very serious matter. She told the youth that the board of the United People’s Party appreciates what they are doing and called on them to follow the pattern of the party.

Deputy leader of UP Franklin Meyers told them that it is “a lot of work” and stressed that it is a step in the right direction since they are the future of the party. He said that he remembered when he came into politics and spoke of the advancement of technology from the time he entered and the strides that it has made since then.

The members of UP Next were told by the head of public relations committee Michael Granger that the party believes that the young people should be ahead and that party politics does not have to be “a bad thing” and as a result could be a means to an end. He assured them that their contributions to the party are note worthy.

The objective is for the youth wing to engage the candidates in discussions regarding the politics and will ensure that they have proper reading material to help in the way forward. It is expected that they will be taught about the way government and the Parliament function. The UP party is expecting them to be the voice and to see the vision of the party.

He mentioned that the group is already on social media, like Facebook and Twitter engaging their peers.  The group consists of young people between the ages of 15 and 19 were quite vocal in their approach to politics and mentioned their reasons why they didn’t choose any other party to join.

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UP Next (youth wing of the United People’s Party) launched at Hard Rock Café by

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