Editorial: Good for everyone (Economic Inspection Department controls)

POSTED: 06/16/14 11:27 PM

That the economic inspection department, in coordination with other government agencies, decided to surprise a large hotel and resort in Cupecoy with a control of their business standards is good news. We have all sorts of gurus coming to the island with their technical and fancy jargon on how to run a successful tourism economy. We have an abundance of reports and marketing seminars, etc. etc. but in all of that we tend to forget that it’s often the simple things that keep people coming back to the island for vacation.

Hotels are vital players in the economy, and it’s important that they do the small things right too, like maintaining a certain standard of quality and service.

We don’t necessarily need more hotels, but high quality hotels, with excellent levels of service and well kept and maintained grounds. More of these controls should happen at random more often.

It should send an important message to anyone wanting to do business on the island too. And that can only be good for everyone.

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Editorial: Good for everyone (Economic Inspection Department controls) by

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