Scotia Bank Simpson Bay branch robber

POSTED: 06/13/14 11:20 AM

The Scotiabank branch in Simpson Bay was robbed yesterday morning by three armed men in a daring daylight bank robbery. Police are still investigating the matter and details remain sketchy; however, they have confirmed that the bank was indeed robbed and that, up until press time, they had cordoned off an area in Cay Bay near the Seventh Day Adventist Church where they believe the suspects might have been hiding.

The getaway vehicle the suspects were allegedly using, a small grey van, was found by police in the Cay Bay area near the church, and was thoroughly blocked off. The vehicle was clearly abandoned and its doors left wide open.

According to accounts of the incident, the three men stormed into the bank and fired shots into the air, startling both staff and clients, though no one was reported injured or harmed during the robbery. The robbers then proceeded to empty the tellers’ stalls of their cash reserves and fled in the vicinity of Cay Bay.

Both the forensic and detective departments are investigating the matter, police said, and more information will be revealed at a later date.

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