Editorial: Code of conduct

POSTED: 06/10/14 12:06 AM

The Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation (Ipko) in The Hague discussed integrity last week. Unfazed by the lessons the participants could have learned from the Kingdom Youth Parliament that met in St. Maarten last month, the decision was taken to establish a committee.

We all know what that means – the politically hot potato known as integrity is too hot to handle right now. The Ipko will revisit this issue in January 2015 when its next meeting is on the agenda in Aruba.

The list of agreements participants signed on Friday contains the following line:  “The delegations conclude that not only enforceable legislation is important, but that codes of conduct and standards for behavior can also play a role.”

Keep that line in mind for 2015, when the Ipko’s integrity committee reports about this issue. We all know how politicians in St. Maarten think about codes of conduct, so the fate of this issue seems rather predictable.

(For more on this issue, see our opinion page).

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