Opinion: Five parties

POSTED: 06/3/14 12:17 AM

The August 29 elections appear to become a five-horse race, after the announcement by the electoral council that just five parties met the deadline for registration last week. While the council did not identify any particular party in its announcement, it is to the best of our knowledge certain that the Democratic Party, the United People’s Party, the National Alliance, Citizens for Positive Change and the Social Reform Party have applied for registration.

This would mean that Lenny Priest’s One St. Maarten people party will not be on the ballot and that Frans Richardson’s United St Maarten People Party will not contest the elections either. Jeffrey Richardson’s Concordia Political Alliance will not run either.

Unless we are mistaken – and that happens on occasion – it seems rather odd that independent MP Frans Richardson’s party should have failed to meet the registration deadline. After all, Richardson launched his political platform with much ado in December at the Passion Night Club on L.B. Scott Road. On that occasion, Richardson gave away “hoodies” to those who came out to support him – like gift baskets, computers and cell phones. Since then, a deep silence followed and it seems now that Richardson wants to pursue his political career via a different platform. We’re curious to see whether he will return to the nest he came from – the National Alliance.

The same silence, by the way, has befallen Lenny Priest’s political movement. Immediately after the launch, the party was active with press released about a variety of issues, but lately the movement seems to have lost steam, together with its ambition to enter the political arena.

That leaves the battle in august to the familiar three, with two newcomers – Rueben Thompson’s CPC and Jacinto Mock’s Social Reform Party.

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