Ex-ministers scramble to declare their assets

POSTED: 06/1/14 11:34 PM

St. Maarten – Several, but not all ministers who had to step down after the fall of the second Wescot-Williams cabinet belatedly submitted a declaration about the state of their financial affairs, after learning from a General Audit Chamber report about institutional integrity that they were obliged to do so within 30 days after their departure. Not filing the declaration carries a maximum prison sentence of 3 years.

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams said on Wednesday at the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing in answer to questions from this newspaper she had not sent any reminders last year to the defaulting politicians. “The law is quite clear about where the responsibility lies and that is with the ministers,” she said. “Several former ministers are now rectifying the situation. Several, but not all. At least, not yet.”

The five ministers that initially failed to declare their financial situation and their assets at the moment of their departure are Roland Duncan (Justice), Silveria Jacobs (Education), William Marlin (Vromi), Romeo Pantophlet (Tourism and Economic Affairs) and Roland Tuitt (Finance).

The Prime Minister did not reveal which ministers have submitted their declaration in the meantime.

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