In memoriam: Lars de Vries

POSTED: 05/20/14 9:41 PM

With the tragic death of Lars de Vries, Sint Maarten lost a gentleman, as well as its most competent\talented (candidate)-notary. The days before he decided to come to his extreme act, I had contact with him. He felt offended up till the bone, because he had not been appointed as notary, the seat and station he (had) deserved. He literally told me: ‘I am being screwed.’

Assuming that the Court of Appeal would nominate and government would only appoint the person with the most qualities (as candidate-notary) and with most experience on Sint Maarten, it is incomprehensible that Lars didn’t get the vacant position of departing notary Henry Parisius.

My firm worked a lot with Lars de Vries and our clients were fond of him and impressed by the quality of his services. He was an expert in multitasking and not afraid to take upon him any complicated jobs. We are grateful for all he did and he will be dearly missed.

That his soul may rest in peace.

Roeland Zwanikken,

Attorney at Law

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