Editorial: Walking the walk

POSTED: 05/20/14 9:44 PM

We’ve noticed the change that Be The Change is making. It’s easy to talk the talk, and not many actually walk the walk. But the $900 donation to the Ujima Foundation will no doubt go a long way and positively impact the lives of young at risk boys.

Around the world boys are falling behind their female counterparts in education and other social achievements, though no one seems to know why. It’s not just a phenomenon in one country or a few, and it is especially noticeable in western countries. They are graduating in lower numbers than before, and fewer go on to postgraduate study like girls do, prompting some to call it a crisis with long term social consequences.

In that sense, making an effort, however, small to actively trying to get young boys on the right path in life is always worth it. It will pay off, not just to the individual, but to the society as a whole. After all, if one looks at who commits serious crimes, it’s almost always males, and almost always young males.

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