Fly-boarding show lights up Marigot

POSTED: 05/19/14 10:16 PM

St. Maarten- When Frank Zapata invented the Flyboard back in 2011, not even he would have thought that his creation would become a huge spectator sport. During an exhibition last Friday, five professionals demonstrated how they can dazzle the audience while draped in an assortment of lights.

The event which was organized by the management of ‘Sip N Chat’ Restaurant and Bar attracted a huge gathering that assembled on the Marigot Waterfront to watch the proceedings unfold.  The show lasted for the better part of 30 minutes.

Each of the five pilots wore distinguishing lights on their outfits as well as on their jet skis that provided the propulsion during the series of amazing maneuvers in and out of the water. Extending from the front of the jet skis, some capable of generating 100 horse powers were 40-feet plus hoses.  At the end of those hoses were the brave but experienced pilots.

The thrust from the jet skis is channeled through the hoses, and enable the pilots to reach heights of more than 30 feet above the water. They also made head-on dives into the water. During the maneuvers, the dark skies provided the ideal back drop for the illuminated pilots who were only happy to do what they do best. The reactions from the crowd totally satisfied them.

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