Editorial: Right direction

POSTED: 05/19/14 10:06 PM

The deplorable and senseless attack on an innocent nine year old girl has rightfully shocked and outraged the community. Just what kind of person would do such a thing is beyond us. There is never an excuse that could even remotely justify such a villainous act.

Clearly the attacker has issues, as no reasonable and moral person would do such a thing. Vromi Minister Maurice Lake’s call for greater support for mental health care on the island is a step in the right direction.

The Mental Health Foundation in Cay Hill has had its hurdles and has faced many battles to get where it is today, and we have always supported the foundation and its director, who has accomplished a lot with very little.

It is time that more is done, and more support given. Egos, vanity, and petty politics need to be put aside in the name of what is right and good for the community. As we have seen with that poor little girl, lives are at stake.

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