Tim Magno wants independence for Curacao

POSTED: 05/13/14 2:10 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – The official launch of 1 Tim Magno made clear what this political movement’s focal point is: independence for Curacao. “We just want to be free. Independence, but also decolonization,” says Albert Wiels in a report by Anneke Polak on Caribisch Netwerk.

Aubert is a brother of Helmin Wiels who was assassinated a bit more than a year ago. He is the last of ten speakers to an audience of around two hundred. Tim Magno also has branches in Aruba and Bonaire, Wiels reveals. “It is about time we go and tell our mama that it is okay and that we are going to stand on our own legs.”

The supporters in the front row applaud for Aubert Wiels. It seems like they have found their new leader. Several speakers indicate that they have been candidates on the list of Pueblo Soberano. Among them are former board member Donny Balentina, but also the number 12 from the list, Shirley Cuffy. “Let them criticize us that we are here with only a few. Helmin also started with just fifteen people under the Kenepa tree.”

In the back are a number of listeners. “I was curious,” says a man who introduces himself as Pancho. Adriaan Moen also came to Hofi Biesheuvel out of curiosity. Betty Delafonte is handling the tee shirt sales. “I am here because Tim Magno is going to continue Helmin’s fight. Pueblo Soberano is not doing that any longer.”

Former minister Rubin Bitorina and Carlos Trinidad also support the movement. According to former board members Balentina and Aubert Wiels, Trinidad would have been the intended prime minister. The name of Ivar Asjes was never mentioned.

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