Stricter drugs policy at Hato

POSTED: 05/13/14 2:08 PM

Curacao – The Public Prosecutor’s Office in curacao announced yesterday a stricter policy for drugs trafficking at Hato airport, but it did not specify the date when this policy will take effect. The idea is to detain and arraign everybody who is caught with drugs at the airport.

The announcement comes on the heels of a large drugs bust at Princess Juliana Airport. Last week Tuesday customs discovered 100 kilos of cocaine on an Insel Air flight from Curacao. The plane made a stop in St. Maarten on its way to the Dominican Republic.

The prosecutor’s office in curacao stated in a press release that up to now, drug mules that are first offenders and carry less than 2,500 grams of drugs, are sent on their way with a court summons. Only repeat-offenders carrying more than 2,500 grams are detained.

The prosecution announced the change of policy during yesterday’s weekly Hato court hearing. The prosecutor’s office said in a press release that the new policy fits in with the general policy of a firmer stand against frequently occurring forms of crime, that cause a lot of inconvenience. The prosecution is already demanding higher punishments for armed robberies and for copper theft.

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