“Within the party, Helmin (Wiels) does not exist anymore”

POSTED: 05/9/14 11:17 AM

On the anniversary of the assassination, Wiels’ brother Aubert speaks:

“Within the party, Helmin does not exist anymore”

WILLEMSTAD – While Pueblo Soberano revealed the Plasa Helmin Magno Wiels, Aubert Wiels is quietly having a beer with his assassinated brother’s old friends. “A little square, a little street, what a party. Those who really knew Helmin, know that these things were not important at all for him,” Anneke Polak reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

Marvelyne Wiels, sister of the murdered politician, was present at the ceremony at the renamed plaza, but her brother Aubert does not appreciate it. “I find it dirty what is happening. She drags the name of our family into this. Marvelyne has been living already for thirty years in the Netherlands, she did not have a good contact with my brother. Here you see people who have been working with Helmin for 36 years.”

Aubert points at the people around him, sitting in front of the building of Un Tim Magno, the recently established movement  that wants to keep Helmin Wiels’ legacy alive. Among its members is Wiels’ former bodyguard, Karel Josefa.

Not only the party fell apart after the murder, it also left its marks within the family, Aubert says. “Marvelyne is now on her own, but she is my blood and I really do not want to talk about my little sister. Our mother passed away in 2004, our father died a long time before that. Since that time, Helmin took care of us, he was my big brother. He had the first and the last word. We could call him day and night, for anything and everything.”

Aubert still knows Helmin’s three phone numbers by heart. He remains silent for a while. “That way, there is his grave.” He stares into emptiness for a long time, then says, “I am Aubert Wiels because of him.”

It hurt him how everything collapsed like a house of cards after his brother’s death. “The only thing we had to do was save the party; it was his brainchild. He wanted to turn Curacao into a new country, with justice for all, a place where everybody took his responsibility. But within the party Helmin does not exist anymore. Even Stevie Wonder can see that.”

According to Aubert things went wrong with the arrival of a new board, whereby he was ousted as the vice-chairman. “Only after Helmin had made the party big, people like Ivar Asjes, Elmer Wilsoe and Jaime Cordoba came along. That Asjes is now prime minister amazes me, I have never heard Helmin speak his name. Had he still been alive, he could have guided him as prime minister, even though Asjes would never have been in that position for more than three months. I drink to that,” Aubert says.

The current faces in the party – called “ornamental horses” by Aubert – “came so close at a certain moment that Helmin could not get rid of them anymore. Take for instance Ingrid Sanchez; she is the devil. They argued often, she destroyed him mentally. I only became a board member to help my brother. They were killing him from the inside.”

Killed in the figurative meaning of the word, because Aubert declines to mention names of the intellectual perpetrators. Still he says that he “easily knows” who killed his brother. “It will be a group of eight to ten people. I am not afraid of them, but they are afraid of me. On May 10, during the launch of Un Tim Magno, I will make the first truths public.”

During the many hours Aubert spent in the garage with his brother tinkering with cars, Helmin told him about everything. “He gave me an explanation and he told me who his enemies were, because he knew his day would come. Many people have warned me as well. The plan was to shoot him already on December 9, 2012 – his birthday. But they did not manage to do that.”

Aubert says that the same group that paid for the murder is now works to frustrate the investigation. He had hoped for a faster solution, but he is still confident that the investigation will end well. “I trust the Prosecutor’s Office. They work with might and main on it.”

In the meantime, Aubert considers it his task to realize Helmin’s ideals. He laughs at the question whether he will run in future elections. “When there are elections, we have to form a political party. We will have to, because we will finish Helmin’s work.”

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