Opinion: Unpaid advice to Theo Heyliger

POSTED: 05/4/14 10:44 PM

Theo has chosen the color green for his party! I noticed that because in Carnival village he offered me a drink in a green cup! Later I almost caught a green tee shirt Theo was throwing out of his car. I am really wondering why Theo has chosen the color green. When I drive around the island, I see that the color green is rapidly disappearing. At beaches, on hills, along roads, trees are being replaced by concrete.

Who have been doing that? Theo and his grandfather Claude. First they destroyed green and then Theo chooses the color green for his party. Well, I am puzzled. I fully understand why Theo did not choose the color black for his party, because Theo and his grandfather have been painting St. Maarten predominantly white.

Look at a photograph of the SHTA (St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association) and you see only white people. Look at a photograph of our government officials: except Theo they are all black. Look at Philipsburg: completely painted white by Theo and Claude. The only two days Philipsburg is a black city is at Carnival. The parade is a beautiful example of black culture. I just love it. (The amount of gorgeous (black) women? Mouthwatering!)

So, my very dear Theo, change the color green for your party. It is just nonsense. You will keep destroying green and you will keep inviting the whole wide (white) world to St. Maarten. Just choose the color you like most: white. My unpaid advice: Keep painting St. Maarten white with the help of black painters.


Gerard Bijnsdorp,

your colourblind, unpaid advisor.

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Opinion: Unpaid advice to Theo Heyliger by

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  1. Jo says:

    There is little that the writer, Gerard Bijnsdorp, states here than his racist views of the world he perceives. I really do not understand why such racially biased hatred comments are published by TODAY.
    In most countries, it is illegal to publish such articles that promote racial divisions. If this article was written in the opposite color, it would raise hell in the local population. Why is TODAY promoting such narrow minded views and hate mongering?
    Isn’t this one of the generalization that African Americans has so long fought against?
    Isn’t this what leads to racially biased hate crimes?
    Yet TODAY promotes these views by publishing them!
    Shame on you! You are as narrow minded as those muslim extremists that think all non muslims should be eliminated and you are too ignorant to see the damage you are doing.

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