Editorial: Community Dialogue

POSTED: 04/28/14 10:49 PM

From Simpson Bay to Dutch Quarter, community dialogue with different branches of government is happening, and that is a good thing. Too often, mere lip service is given to the idea of democracy, with token gestures and hollow words.

It is important for a nascent country like St. Maarten to have a robust and active community participation in the decision making and governing of the country. After all, it belongs collectively to its citizens.

These discussions and dialogue sessions also act as important social release valves where the everyday person can express their views, sentiments, or frustrations without having to wait for elections and speak with their vote. We may not always agree, but at least we should be able to talk to each other.

Democracy should not be just words on paper or a building where elected representatives sit; it is a spirit. We must be the living democracy.

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