St. Maarten Carnival 2014: Anna Rabess-Richardson crowned Miss Mature Queen

POSTED: 04/25/14 8:34 AM

St. Maarten - After winning the Miss Popularity, best creative professional wear, best talent piece, best evening wear, and best interview, Anna Rabess-Richardson was crowned as the Miss Mature Queen 2014 from a field of eight beautiful ladies.

Richardson, who finished with 1088 points, was clearly the surprise winner of the night that managed to upstage Tamara Groenveldt, the first runner up with 1011 points, and the winner of the Miss Photogenic title, best costume, best performance in a costume, and best performance in her evening wear segment.

The second runner up position went to Luciana Raspail with 875 points, the third runner up prize went to Tasha Peters who finished with 822 points and the prize for Miss Amity, selected by the contestants themselves, went to Alida Brown.

In addition to the coveted title and prizes from Telcell, Richardson an Accounts Manager at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) became the third Carnival Queen to win a car from Motorworld, the proud sponsor of the event which has gathered huge interest since they came onboard with the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) in 2013.

It was the end of an emotional roller coaster for Richardson, who had to fight back the tears minutes before she was crowned by Pea Gordon, the winner of the 2013 pageant, and presented with the winner’s trophy by SCDF President Michael Granger.

It took the organizers several minutes to get her off the stage towards the area where she was eventually handed the keys to her car by Lorenzo Gomez, Marketing Officer at Motorworld, but that is just the start of another journey and she will take over from where Gordon left off.

Originally, nine contestants were expected to make their presence felt on the stage, but due to circumstances one was forced to drop out. After the well rehearsed introduction segment in which the contestants dazzled the audience as they sizzled across the stage.

The MC’s for the night, Chet Euton and Solange Apon, had the pleasure of introducing the contestants by reading their biographies. For three minutes, each was afforded an opportunity to address the gathering and that was where the judging began.

For that segment, a contestant had a chance to get up to 30 points and the judges were looking for clarity, diction, content and delivery. The talent segment that followed allowed the contestants a chance to show their natural abilities while entertaining a huge audience for five minutes.

A total of 65 points was up for grabs this time, for talent 25 points, for content 15 and for execution another 25 points. During the break which allowed the contestants to prepare for the costume segment, the contestants for the teen queen pageant and the senior queen contestants graced the stage.

For the costume segment, 60 points was up for grabs once again, but this time it all went down to what the designers put together and how well the contestants displayed those amazingly magnificent pieces during the three minutes they had on stage.

For the best performance in a costume, 15 points was awarded for suitability and fit and for carriage and display another 15 points. The additional 30 points was awarded for the costume itself for design (15) and craftsmanship/construction (30).

Last but not least was the evening wear segment where up to 20 points could have been added to whatever they had gathered so far. This segment was also broken down into two parts. The best performance in the outfit worn and the best outfit itself for a total of 40 points.

This time, the judges were looking for poise, posture, carriage, deportment, fit, suitability and design. Following the most stunning segment of the pageant was the on stage interview in which each contestant had the opportunity to respond to a question which was read to them twice, up to 40 points was available.




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