Editorial: Options (Emilio Wilson Estate purchase)

POSTED: 04/25/14 8:38 AM

When governments say that they want to keep their options open, you know more or less what to expect. In the case of the Emilio Wilson Estate it seems now a done deal that the government will not only buy the property (well, it has to) but also that it is interested in developing at least a part of it.

It is not difficult to imagine that Rain Forest Adventures will soon be back in the mix. Whether that is good news or bad news remains the question. The opinions about this issue vary wildly.

Environmentalists and those concerned about the country’s heritage are dead against turning the estate into some sort of amusement park with zip lines and all the rest of it. We sympathize with those opinions, and maybe there is still time for a rescue plan.

After all, if the government wants to keep its options open, it should also listen to what environmentalists have to say and consider their plans for the sustainable management of what ought to become the country’s national park.

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