Shigemoto in court – Former minister accused of defrauding the country

POSTED: 04/23/14 10:36 PM

St. Maarten – The prosecutor’s office is charging former Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto with defrauding the country of 235,000 guilders (a bit more than $131,000), by accepting invoices from this amount from a company called Global Advisory Services. Tomorrow, Shigemoto and Global Advisory Services owner Roberto G. are in court for a pro forma hearing where the court will take a decision about possible additional investigation requests from the defense. The prosecutor’s office expects that the case will go to trial by the end of this year.

This so-called Piranha-investigation was already completed by the National Detective Agency on June 23, 2013. The prosecutor’s office stated in a press release that the investigation focused on “possible fraudulent actions” whereby St. Maarten “may have been defrauded of 235,000 guilders.”

Roberto G. stands accused of sending fake-invoices for this amount, while Shigemoto is charged with “making it possible that Roberto G. could enrich himself with money from the state treasury.”

Roberto G. was arrested in early December 2012. Later that month, the National Detective Agency also picked up Shigemoto, but he was released before Christmas.

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Shigemoto in court - Former minister accused of defrauding the country by

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  1. Hodge says:

    I would love to meet these detectives maybe they can help me with what Cynthia Lake, Melvin Lake, Nelson Lake and Maduro oh and the fake police that they have that are passing out fake papers at Marie Isabella Villas to the tenants. Armastiching is collecting money from Marie Isabella villa tenants with fake papers stating that I owe Cynthia Lake 100.000.00 which is absolutely a lie. How can I owe someone money and my father left me in charge of his estate?? She sells her property how do I owe her money for what property she sold. She takes bankbooks with my father name on it and hers and keep ALL the money how do I owe this lady any money her sons have no business in this matter but yet in all of this they are coming to the property demanding money, I will keep typing and leaving comments until someone on your island that is not afraid of Maduro and these fake police that are running around with the baliff telling my tenants that they have a warrant for me because I did not show up in court. I had a lawyer that was showing up for me so how in the world will I have a warrant. For 2 years when I lived there I showed up Cynthia Lake was off island on cruises and did not show up with my fathers money. I don’t see no damn warrant for her. They froze assests so no one could touch them you know what they did to unfreeze them say that Cynthia is an elderly woman with no money and gave her all our fathers money no questions ask who the hell does that???? Only in this very wicked, cheating country called St. Maarten where people turn the other way for a dollar!!!!!!!!

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