Editorial: One shot (Team Reforma) Curacao

POSTED: 04/15/14 1:10 AM

A group of reform-minded people in Curacao – united under the name Team Reforma – has presented plans to get rid of the coalition-model, to elect a prime minister directly, and to make seat-robbery impossible.

This way, Reforma reasons, a government will be able to govern quietly for four years without headaches about parliamentary support.

It sounds too simple, and that is because it is too simple. The cure feels worse than the ailment, because a government that knows it will stay in office for four years no matter what it does, will be sorely tempted to go beyond its tour of duty – and not necessarily in a direction that is beneficial for the country.

What Reforma wants, is to give the electorate one shot at voting a prime minister in office, knowing that they will also give him a blank check for the next four years. From the angle of stability it sounds attractive, but from the other end – democratic control – it feels very much like an idea that should go no further. Politicians in St. Maarten should not entertain it either.


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Editorial: One shot (Team Reforma) Curacao by

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