Opinion: Please no salt

POSTED: 04/9/14 12:48 AM

Dear editor,

A few months ago I wrote an article under the headline Restaurant You Are Killing Us With Salt in which I highlighted the fact that too much salt is added to the food that is sold to the public.

Recently when going through some boring public health statistics, I realized that we are in very bad shape as a country when it comes to most preventable diseases.

My intention is not to burden you with stats and figures, I will do that to the policy makers, but I feel obliged to make you aware that with a simple action as using less salt we can save the community lots of money, productive man hours, and emotional strain on many families.

We eat too much salt. This can cause high blood pressure that in turn can cause a variety of complications. Natural food has enough minerals and salt, we do not need to add, just some spices for enjoyment. In my daily life, I meet people with kidney problems, blindness and stroke caused by high blood pressure.

What should we do? Simple, let us begin cutting down the amount of salt we eat and slightly increase herbs, lemon juice, and spices for taste and scent.

We can do this to the point where we can try to cut out salt all together. Do not be fooled by all the fancy names like sea salt, onion salt, or garlic salt. They all increase our blood pressure. Tell your waiter, or cook “please no salt”, just some spices and herbs, thank you. Even in the festival village.

If you can walk 30 minutes three times a week it will help lower your blood pressure.

To help raise awareness I have obtained permission (at the time from minister Pantophlet) to erect some health information bill boards.

In my radio/TV health information program I highlight issues about public health. In the meantime, keep making an effort. Enjoy Carnival while keeping an eye on your overall health.

Have a healthy Carnival.

Julian Rollocks,

Former MPC-biology teacher.


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