Editorial: The good old days

POSTED: 04/9/14 12:55 AM

The Electoral Council may not be armed to the teeth, but it is certainly a refreshing presence in our political landscape.

Political parties and candidates for political office will have to play by the rules; if they don’t they will be exposed and faced with fines and possibly with other measures as well.

The first stories about ways to circumvent these rules – of all people presented by former Justice Minister Roland Duncan in an address at the UP party congress – have already been brought to our attention. They offer a useful insight into a stubborn mindset, but they do not mean that the rules that are now in place are without merit. They are long overdue.

With an impartial Electoral Council at work, there is a better chance for irregularities to come to light. The most important contribution this council will make to our democracy is increased transparency – something that could jolt the political establishment and signal that the good old days are over.

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