Editorial: Legal framework

POSTED: 04/8/14 1:12 AM

Once more Vromi-Minister Lake is upset about something that was published in what he calls “the blogs.” And once more the minister calls for “a legal framework” to be put in place to deal with new media.

Last time Minister Lake was upset about a similar issue, he made quite a fuss. That died down after a couple of weeks and nothing was heard about it anymore.

That is not surprising, because the legal framework the minister is calling for is already there. It is called the civil code. That gives injured parties the option to go to court if they feel that a publication (on paper, electronically or through the air waves) has done them an injustice.

The funny thing is that hardly ever a citizen uses this option. The last time it happened to this newspaper – in 2011 – was an interesting experience, especially because the court ruling that followed said that we were within our rights. On appeal, the court also vindicated Today.

But this is not about being right or wrong. It is about the option citizens have to seek their rights when they feel crushed by the media. We are comfortable with the existing laws, and the minister should feel the same way. All he has to do is use them.

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