Special flag for first King Day

POSTED: 04/3/14 4:22 PM

DOKKUM – The Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale (DVC), the largest producer of flags in the Netherlands, has created a special flag for the celebration of the first King Day. In the Netherlands, this day will be celebrated on April 26, because the king’s birthday falls on a Sunday this year.

“Such a historic event deserves a special flag,” DVC-director Robert-Jan Hageman says.

The company designed the flag in-house. It based the design on the flag it made for last year’s abdication of Queen Beatrix and the succession by Willem-Alexander. Of that flag, DVC sold 60,000 copies in just three months.

The King Day flag shows the profile of King Willem-Alexander in orange, next to a crown and the text Koningsdag. The company has already sold the first hundred flags.

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