Marines patrol St. Peters today

POSTED: 04/3/14 4:26 PM

ST. PETERS – The detachment of Royal Dutch Marines stationed here in Pointe Blanche will carry out a regular patrol for training in the vicinity of St. Peter’s today, their communications officer said in a press release.

The marines have been based here since March 4 of this year. They have already carried out several “social patrols” on the island. The aim of these social patrols is to show the people of St. Maarten that marines are on the island and socialize with the people that live here, the marines said.

The marines will answer questions and interact with members of the community. Besides the social aspect of the patrol, the marines train themselves in Standard Operating Procedures. During the patrol they will train by walking in a specified formation and through the use of communications during their patrols.

The past patrols were in Philipsburg, Simpson Bay, and Maho. People’s reactions in those areas were very positive, the marines said, and they are looking forward to meeting people in St. Peters and are expecting the same pleasant reactions that they received elsewhere.


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