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POSTED: 03/31/14 11:18 PM

It has taken almost five years, but yesterday finally one of the suspects in the manslaughter on Indian businessman Haresh Dayalani stood before his judges. This crime rates among the most heinous ones in the island’s recent criminal history.

Dayalani was followed home a few days before the fatal attack that prematurely ended his life by a couple of goons who were after the day’s revenue of his store in Marigot. Dayalani put up a fight and one of the robbers shot him in the back of his head.

All this happened on May 26, 2009. Now the day of reckoning is there, at least for one of the men who was allegedly involved in the robbery. The victim’s relatives may find some peace here from the fact that a killer is brought to justice, at the same time the court case rips open old wounds. It hurts.

No matter how painful all this may be, there is also an important lesson to be learned for all entrepreneurs on the island. And that is: never become predictable.

People with bad intentions are after money they do not have and their perception is usually that business owners have what they want. What is easier than following a storeowner back home a couple of times to establish his or her routine? This is exactly what the criminals that killed Dayalani did.

Bad things happen to the wrong people all the time. That is not an agreeable message, but it is nevertheless true. Therefore be aware, and do not let criminals get the upper hand by giving them clues that are too easy and too predictable.

Haresh Dayalani is not around anymore to warn us about these things, and this article is not designed to put him at fault after the fact. We could all become the victim of a crime tomorrow – or today – but we should not make things too easy for the bad guys.

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